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Im new and I in absolute love with the Red Sox, and though ive never… - cubsox [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 10th, 2004|03:00 pm]

Im new and I in absolute love with the Red Sox, and though ive never been a huge fan of the Cubs (mainly bc im from baltimore and dont have cable - no acces to cubs games-) I basically lived on the Cubs while i was i florida. (had cable haha) Theyre lucky to have Nomar now. Yay Nomar. heres my post on nomar from my other community: http://www.livejournal.com/community/bmoreorioles/

"Im so disappointed in this lj comm. for having no posts about NOMAR!!! come on people!!.. haha

but dood- wut the hell was that. I kno he was a free agent and he was still pissed about almost being traded for A RoD (Who i hate with a passion), but who trades NOMAR! yea.. im a ahuge nomar fan and i understand that they got a good trade for him but- ITS NOMAR!.. im a big red sox fan but im soo bitter about this.

But the thing that really gets me: That vp guy or whoever it was saying that they havea better chance of going to the series now that a trade has been made. I HOPE THEY DONT GO TO THE SERIES! (not really lol) But i really do hope that the Cubs make a good chance for the wild card, which they have been doing. The 1st 4 games since Nomar was aquired they went undefeated and theyve been playing like hell. The Cubs.. they may not be the best team but, like the )'s, they play theyre heart out. I miss Nomar mann </3

My Ultimate Plan: Cubs Trade Nomar for Miguel [Tejada of the Baltimore Orioles] . I kno that its really unlikely and might even be stupid seeing as though Miguel is leading the AL and NL in RBI's, but its Nomar Garciaparra! <3 lol

<3 Jac


From: xwasteofpaintxx
2004-08-29 03:29 pm (UTC)
I thought You Might Be Interested in a new community for Mark Bellhorn! This community will be centered around discussion on Mark and his progress and will be a place to find wallpaper/icons pertaining to mark bellhorn too. If you want to join, you can do so below, if not, sorry for bothering you.

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